Nobody likes to think about own death, but as the old saying has it, the sad fact of our life is that one day we all will die. Things were quite simple enough in the old days. People wrote a will, left a letter to explain where to find important documents and that’s all about it.

But today we live in a digital world where all of our important documents and social accounts are in digital forms. Have you ever wonder what would happen if you die unexpectedly and your loved ones couldn’t find all your documents, your social accounts and some untold stories that you have never share with anyone.

Fortunately, there are a few services that allow people to prepare for their digital legacy and prepare for your own death to keep in touch after death. Thinking of your own death is somewhat emotionally hard but it is more difficult for the family and loved ones to accept the fact that one of their family members is no more.

These services also allow people to share their thoughts, advice, and clone their ideas for others that they have never told to anyone. Once you choose using these service, you will be enabled to write notes, record voice notes, videos and much more.

Your content will be kept private until you give them the authority to deliver it to your family. For those who die unexpectedly, these services will deliver your content on the given address. And if it comes to your digital afterlife which means your documents, your social media accounts.

These will also be kept private until you give any legacy account to the services. Nobody can access your social accounts until there is any other legacy account who have authority to handle your digital afterlife. Click this link and find more ways to prepare for your digital legacy.