Anyone with a computer, internet connection and good knowledge of a subject can use the Internet as a great opportunity to make money online. Whether you are an aspiring writer who wants to get his work noticed or you just want to share some kind of information on the web, eBooks are always a convenient and modern way to do it.

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To sell eBooks online you need to follow these simple steps :

Hosting Service: You need to find a selling platform that would allow you to sell your digital product – eBook. There are online marketplaces that allow you to add your product, set the price for your eBook. Such systems take care of your product’s delivery to the end customers.

You might find hard to price your eBook especially if you want your material to sell well. Be careful not to under or overprice it. Your hosting service will be responsible for holding your website or sales page, the finished PDF version of your book and any other files such as graphics. Also, if you do not wish to sell it on other’s website you can create your own website and sell your eBook.

Payment Processor: One of the important things is preparing a convenient payment method. You need to find a suitable e-commerce platform that would not only help you deliver your eBook to the customer but at the same time allow to accept credit card and PayPal payments from your customers.

Such systems help you sell online – you are able to accept credit card payments from your customers. Then they pay out all your money to your bank account. There are several such sites – you just need to take an interest and you will definitely find one that suits your needs.


Word Processor: To sell your eBook online use Microsoft Word and a PDF converter. You will use Microsoft Word to write your eBook and later convert it to a PDF document. You will deliver it to a customer in the form of a PDF document. The PDF file is only downloadable after payment is confirmed.

To sum up, with the help of contemporary technology you can easily accomplish virtually anything – selling eBooks online is not an exception. The most important aspect you will need to successfully sell your eBooks online is online marketing. How well you market online will determine if you sell 5 or 50 of your e-books per month. You can click here to read the benefits of eBooks.